These DVDs are the ONLY OFFICIAL DVDs in Greece and worldwide about the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games of Athens 2004. All other DVDs that do not mention "official licensed products" might be illegal copies, be careful and report this kind of unauthorized DVDs to customer support.
We are offering you the opportunity to buy this deluxe set of DVDs plus a booklet containing photographs from the Olympic Games in a luxurious cardboard case in the best price over the internet. A great bargain for this collective set, an ideal gift for your friends.
The quality of the DVDs is absolutely wonderful without any commercials! And remember if you buy this DVD box you are buying official licensed products without any commercials and not illegal reproduced copies from the TV broadcast!
• The 1st DVD (211 minutes) contains the opening Ceremony that took place at the Olympic Stadium of Athens and proved to be a high aesthetics view! Greece managed to offer millions of astonished viewers worldwide a unique show which combined technology with the human spirit and has set high standards that the fore coming organizing committees of the Olympic Games will have to be compared.
• The 2nd DVD (62 Minutes) contains many of the world records that were broken during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Athens hosted 11099 athletes from 202 countries worldwide; this is the biggest ever Olympic Games participation. Olympic torch has traveled for the first time all over the world; women competed in Olympia (ancient stadium) shot put.
• The 3rd DVD (93 Minutes) is about the Greek Team which was the most successful Greek team that has ever participated in Olympic Games; this team has won 16 medals causing a National Delirium and pride. Nearly half the Greek Athletes have finished in the first 8 athletes of their sport.
• The 4th DVD (136 Minutes) contains the closing ceremony, a human touching ceremony filled with Music and songs that converted the melancholy to a frenetic Greek amusement. Athens has fare walled by the best way all athletes and guests. You can watch famous Greek artists (Sakis Rouvas, Dionysis Savopoulos, Michalis Chatzigiannis, Anna Vissi, Antonis Remos, Alkistis Protopsalti, Eleftheria Arvanitaki) performing after the flame went off, all that party is included!
In these DVDs you can watch the complete version of the opening and the closing ceremonies of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, you can also watch in 2 extra DVDs included in the set all the international and Greek Highlights, world records and amazing moments from the Olympic games. This DVD box contains the complete collection for the Olympic Games of Athens.
Since we have available this DVD Box set in the two most usual Video systems worldwide (PAL Or NTSC) you can enjoy it in your DVD player and not only in your PC, so please check our other products for the PAL version of this DVD set.
To watch a sample video clip, please click here: You will also find a list with all countries worldwide Video systems, that will help you determine whether you need the PAL or the NTSC format of this DVD set, if you do not know it yourself.

• Subtitles : Greek or English, you also have the opportunity to turn off the subtitles
• Languages : Original Audio (During the ceremonies or the sports 3 languages where mainly used Greek - English - French) or you can select Greek speakage but you are also given the opportunity to turn on or off the commentary
• Sound : Dolby Digital
• Genre : Sports - Olympics
• Number of Discs : 4 DVDs
• Running Time : 500+ minutes
• Screen Format : Fullscreen 4:3
• Video System - PAL or NTSC you choose. NTSC is compatible with USA, Canadian and Japanese DVD Players and PAL is compatible with European and Australian DVD players. Please take notice that you need a NTSC or PAL capable DVD Player to watch these DVDs. In PAL capable DVD players you WILL NOT be able to watch the NTSC formatted DVDs and in NTSC capable DVD players you WILL NOT be able to watch the PAL formatted DVDs. However you can watch these DVDs in most of personal computers if they have a DVD player, without any problem
• Region : 0 (All regions DVDs, it means that you can view it worldwide. Region 0 includes all regions 1,2,3,4,5,6)

4 brand new factory sealed DVDs in a hi quality DVD box, plus a bonus booklet.